Club style options


These clubs are the sort of clubs that most people may know of that have most of the trappings and traditions. Regalia, Grace, Loyal Toast, Weekly meal and so on but many have dropped the need for “collar and tie” and have a percentage of women in the membership. Some will have dropped the Grace in favour of “a thought for the day”.

Flexible or Innovative

This is the total opposite to the “traditional club”. No dress code, weekly meal, Grace or Loyal Toast. They tend to have a much younger average age and a larger percentage of women and couples. More project or fund raising oriented. No committees or Club Council. Just one person to head up a particular service in the club to be a point-of-contact for communications from District or RGBI.

“D1180 needs to move More of the older “Traditional” clubs to “flexible and Innovative” clubs in the next 5 years for them to be relevant in the 2020’s and this generation……”


These clubs are a new offing-spring from an existing club in an area. The new club is autonomous in its own right to form it self as it wishes but has some “hand holding” and support only from the supporting club. Membership fees only are initially paid through the sponsoring club until the new club has sufficient members to exist in its own right with Rotary International. It certainly is NOT a clone of the supporting club!

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