The general consensus is that Rotary took its eye off the recruitment ball some 20 years ago. Then, Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland had more than 50,000 members, club sizes were 30 to 35-strong, with an average age of around 60. That meant we had members in their 40’s and 50’s who were still working.

At that time, the flow of 40- something Round Table members making the transition to Rotary began to dry up. This, coupled with existing Rotarians retiring and losing work contacts, has led to a lack of new recruits.

It’s been a recipe for decline and if we don’t stem that tide, then the consequences will be uncomfortable.

Dark clouds hovering, but then what is the plan? It is 2-fold.

Some clubs will merge, some will fold if they don’t attract new members, but new and more dynamic clubs will set up in their place who are ready to hit the ground running embracing the Rotary ethos of serving their communities but in a modern way.


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