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Press Releases

Does your community know you exist?

Do you post weekly on your clubs Facebook page and tag in to other community Facebook pages in your local area?

Do you use every opportunity to produce a press release for your local paper at least every 2-3 weeks?

Press releases MUST be paper ready! Good grammar, good spelling and interesting subject matter. Press offices want to be able to “copy and paste” your press release straight to paper.

The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary

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What makes a good Press Release

Think of ways to make your story relevant to the community. When you write a press release always ask yourself, "Why would people be interested in this Rotary story" rather than telling them, "What your club is doing."   Tailor your release to be newsworthy. Remember, that the Media is interested in NEWS, not publicizing your event with a news story.

We live in a time of 10-second sound-bytes so make sure the headline proclaims the newsworthiness of your story and that the first ten words in your release grab the attention of the reader. When writing your release:

Practice ABC's of Journalism  - Accuracy, Brevity & Clarity


Include contact name, phone number, and fax and/or e-mail if applicable

Include club website and include links for additional information if applicable.

Double check facts, spelling and grammar.

Keep release to a two page maximum. A4 if possible

Be creative, unique and different.

Think of a n eye catching headline. Instead of Rotary held a 10-mile bike ride with 200 riders for charity - try “Rotary cycles 2000 miles for Charity”

NEVER use any Rotary specific terms. No body knows or cares about the terms  Immediate Past President so and so or Rotarian so and so said so don’t use them!!!!

Never miss an opportunity to publicise what you are doing or what you have done.

Club Press Release template  Use 3 - press release!

Photographs to accompany your press release must be of good definition and colour.

Include several with minimal background in Landscape and Portrait so the Editor has choices. Send any digital photographs as attachments, NEVER embed them into the press release.

 They must be different and interesting to the reader so NO CHEQUE HAND OVERS unless it has an interesting twist and no regalia please. Group photographers are also very uninteresting and unlikely to be printed.

The Public Image team will be please to give useful tips etc.

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