Unfortunately, the publics perception of a Rotary club is that it is a bunch of ageing retired business men who meet once a week to have a meal together. They also do a bit of fund raising and present cheque's.

In many ways that can still be true in some of the “traditional” clubs that have usually been in existence for 20 plus years! But clubs are changing…. They are not changing quickly enough, but they are changing.

A lot of work is being carried out to change the public image of Rotary to attract more females, couples and younger people.


Please look through the following pages to to see what you need to do in your club regarding Branding etc.

The other side of the image is US as Rotarians and how we present ourselves to the public and to new perspective members at club meetings.

Many clubs now have a relaxed dress code as a nod to “modernisation” but as an organisation we need to do more and quickly!

Over  very many decades, several things have crept into our Rotary that have nothing to do with Rotary. These have then been perpetuated down the clubs when new clubs were formed - that became clones of the “mother club”.  The world and attitudes have moved on considerably………

From the recent Visioning Survey the Visioning team,  these are a few things to consider:

The results of the survey can be found here.

It is time for clubs to “modernise” to

attract a new generation of members

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