One new club which meets at Costa Coffee on a Saturday morning others will meet fortnightly and may change the venue and time to suit the members.  

No expensive meals with informal meetings and it works.

Couples and individuals, no matter what colour, class, creed or orientation that reflect our community are very welcome to join our clubs.

Newer “flexible and innovative” clubs are focused on fund-raising and hands-on for projects in their communities and have a lot of fun doing Rotary their way.

It is a formula which may meet with resistance from traditionalists, but Rotary is adamant that the previous Rotary model is no longer as relevant to this generation.

It is important to take away some of the formality so new clubs can create their own identity.

Clubs need to be more family-oriented, and be mindful that society has changed, along with the demands on people’s time.

Rotary 2

Rotary 2 is not a new Rotary, it is a new image of Rotary and these new groups must take full advantage of the new flexibility rules.

People can meet when they like, do what they like and, importantly, not be tied by tradition. Too many new clubs have become clones of the parent thinking you must have a loyal toast to the Queen, you have got to say grace and you have to have a meal, because we gain fellowship though eating together.

Well you don’t. The truth is there is not a single rule in the Rotary rule book which says you must have any of those things!

The rule book simply says you have to meet regularly.

“What has changed is people’s lifestyles, how they communicate, how they travel and when they want to be available.”

“Flexible and innovative clubs are the new style of Rotary”

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